Top 5 Technology-Based Company

Technology-Based Company Worldwide

Hey We are going to discuss top Technology-based Company as we all know that top technology companies are on top because of their hard work and dedication, without the hard work and dedication no one can achieve the same, and can’t be reached on top companies.  

Now we will share with you a technology-based company that you should know if you are a tech freak. So let’s start.

Technology-Based Company

What is a Technology-Based Company?

Technology-based companies are those companies that always work on the technology and upgrade from time to time and provide high-value-added products.

Technology-Based Company

These types of the company use Scientific & Technological knowledge and continuously work on producing new services & good that provides us value.

They majorly focused on microelectronics, Nanotechnology, biotechnology & medical devices.

5 Biggest Technology Company List

Apple Inc

Apple provides the technology products that most people use. However, they provide smartphones—the wearable device, MacBook, iMac, tablets, etc.

  • Apple Company Revenue = $268 Billion
  • Net Income = $57.2 Billion
  • Market Cap = $1.4 Trillion
  • Official website –

Samsung Electronics Co. LTD

Samsung is another company, and they provide gadgets like TV, smartphones, Home Theaters, computers, home appliances, tablets, printers, etc.

  • Samsung Revenue – $197.5Billion
  • Samsung’s Net Income – $18.4Billion
  • Market Cap – $325.4Billion
  • Official Website –

Microsoft Corp

Everyone knows Microsoft and we all are using Microsoft Office, windows and others. They have their own Azure cloud platform. And basically, it’s a software developer company.

  • Microsoft Revenue – $138.7 Billion
  • Microsoft Net Income – $46.3 Billion
  • Market Cap – $1.4 Trillion
  • Official Website –

Sony Corp

Sony is also known for its technology products and designs electronics products. They have their own camera, game consoles, mobile, and play stations.

  • Sony Revenue – $79.3 Billion
  • Sony Net Income – $6.0 Billion
  • Market cap – $80.0 Billion
  • Official website –

Intel Corp (INTC)

Intel provides computer chips, data storage, Networking & Communication solutions. They provide computer chips all over worldwide.

  • Intel Revenue – $75.7 Billion
  • Intel Income – $22.7 Billion
  • Market Cap – $247.2 Billion
  • Official website –

So, that’s all about the technology-based company is you do like this, don’t forget to share with your friends and family. Keep tuned for more updates.

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