How to stop my android screen from dimming | Solution

Most people ask me, “why does my screen keep dimming?” So, here I got the solution for you that will help you to resolve the issue. Somewhere, Dimming screen is a common problem in almost every smartphone nowadays. And most people are not aware of the solution to the Android Screen Dimming issue.

So if you are looking for how to stop my android screen dimming, then you are in the right place and I will be going to share with you the best thing about the same. And I will share with you the basic steps to make smartphones not too dim.

And I wanted to tell you that the Screen dimming issue is very common in Android smartphones and usually happens.

So just let me tell you that there are 2 reasons for dimming android screen, so I just tell you all the major reasons about the same.

  • If you keep your phone screen time for a longer period of more than 15 minutes, you will face a dimming screen issue.
  • If your phone battery is less than 20% then your android screen dimming will start, and it also depends on the company, some phones have this option at 15%.

How to Stop My Android Screen from Dimming 

So, a lot of mobile phone brands do the dimming features once your phone battery is low, so this will help you while you are traveling, and you have very little battery. Because we all know that most of the battery is used by the screen, so we have to control these features.

Ways to Control Screen Dimming Issue on Android

  • First thing, If your battery is under 20% or 15%, then it will automatically go to Power Saving Mode or battery saving mode. So just turn off that and your screen will resume the same as previous.
  • If your phone screen time has a longer period of more than 15 minutes, just reduce that 5 minutes, and you will not get the issue.
  • So now if you are still getting this thing then just do follow the below step.
  • Just reboot your smartphone if still not working, then go for the reset phone setting.

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So most people wanted to know why does my screen keep dimming. So, here I shared 2 ways to resolve the issue that will be going to help you a lot. And these are 100% working, I also used all the methods on my personal devices.

And if you did all these things but did not get any solution, then that last option is to contact customer care.

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