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So Today, I will talk about Android’s Best Tricks that blow your mind and these tips. Amazing here, you can check out all Android Tips step by step as most people don’t know these fantastic tips and tricks that will help them to do some productivity things on their smartphone.

20 Android Tips and Tricks

top 20 android smartphone tricks and tip

How to Take a Screenshot  

Take a screenshot: I will tell you about the best and most fantastic thing most people still know about. There are three ways to take screenshots on Android Smartphones.

  • First Way to Take Screenshots – Press the power and volume down buttons together to take a picture of what’s on your screen.       
  • Second Way to Take Screenshots – You can take screenshots from the gestures. Swipe your three fingers from top to bottom, and your screenshot is ready.       
  • Third Way To Take Screenshots – In most Android smartphones, an option for taking a screen shoot opens your notification option from the home page, and you will show the option for taking a screenshot. 
how to take screenshot on android smartphone

How to Use split-screen multitasking

Use split-screen multitasking: You can use two apps simultaneously by tapping the square button and dragging an app to the top of the screen.

How to Unlock Developer Options

Unlock Developer Options: The developer option is one of the best ways to change many things on your smartphone. However, many brands hide these options from users, but no need to worry, I am going to share about the same. That will help you a lot. You can access unique settings by Clicking Settings > About phone > tapping “Build number” seven to Eight times.

How to Save data with data save in Android

Save data with Data Saver: This helps you use less mobile data by turning on Data Saver in Settings > Network & Internet> Data Saver.

How to Customize Quick Settings in Android Smartphones

Customize quick settings: You can change the buttons in the quick settings panel by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers.

How to talk to Google Assistant

Talk to Google Assistant: So we all know that Google Assistant is one of the best for all of us. And we all should know how to use Google Assistant in our daily routines.

Google Assistant Helps you to set your “Alarm”. Can dial a call for you. And many other things. You can get help from Google Assistant by holding the home button or saying “Hey Google” and asking it questions.

How to Extend Battery Life With Battery Saver

Extend battery life with Battery Saver: We all know that some of the time we do have smartphone heating issues. You can make your battery last longer by turning on Battery Saver in Settings > Battery > Battery Saver.

How to Manage App Notifications

Manage app notifications: You can choose which apps can send you messages and block the ones you don’t want by long-pressing on the information and tapping the “i” icon.

How to Add a Lock Screen Message On Your Android Phone

Add a lock screen message: You can put a special message on your lock screen, like your name or contact information, so people can return your phone if you lose it.

How to make Unlocking Easier With Smart Lock

Make unlocking easier with Smart Lock: You can set up trusted places, devices, or faces to make it easier to unlock your phone without typing a password or pattern.

How to Use Dark Mode on Any Android Phone

Use Dark Mode: This mode is trending nowadays and most of the users wanted to use dark mode. However, you can enable it from your notification toggle. Or you can get it from your setting. You can make the screen look darker, which is helpful when you use your phone in the dark or at night.

How to use Gesture For Navigation On Android Smartphones

Use gestures for navigation: Instead of buttons, you can swipe on the screen to go back or switch between apps.

How to do Lock screen orientation in Android

Lock screen orientation: You can stop the screen from rotating when you don’t want it to, like when lying down.

How to Clear App Cache in Android Smartphones

Clear app cache: Sometimes apps can take up a lot of space, and clearing the cache helps free up storage and makes the apps work better.

How to back up with Google Photos on Android Phones

Back up with Google Photos: Backing up your photos on Google Photos will always protect your photos. However, Google fixed the storage to 15 GB. You can save your photos and videos in a safe place on the internet, so you don’t lose them if something happens to your phone.

how to do photos in backup
How to customize the Do Not Disturb Mode

Customize Do Not Disturb mode: You can set up rules to control which notifications can bother you when you want to focus or sleep.

How to Make Calls with Wi-Fi

Make calls with Wi-Fi: You can use Wi-Fi to make phone calls even when you don’t have a strong signal, like in places where the network is weak.

How to Share the Internet with Wi-Fi Tethering

Share the internet with Wi-Fi tethering: You can share your phone’s internet with other devices, like a tablet or laptop, so they can connect to the internet too.

How to Find Your Lost Phone

Find your lost phone: So this is one of the most important things, you should know to find the phone. So, just open the phone setting and search for Find My Device and then just enable “Use Find My Device”. Now you can access your phone. However, you can fix the email. And then you can use a unique feature to find your phone if you lose it and even make it ring loudly if it’s nearby.

how to find my deivce 2
how to find your android phone 1

How to Customize your home Screen With launchers

Customize your home screen with launchers: You can change how your home screen looks, like the icons and wallpaper, by installing unique apps from the Play Store.

So, these are the primary tips and tricks for Android smartphones. Therefore, if you like this article, remember to share it with your friends. Keep tuned with us for more updates. 

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Android FAQ

  1. How to screenshot on Android?

    There are various methods of taking screenshots on Any android smartphone. Press the power and volume down buttons together to take a picture of what’s on your screen.

  2. How to take a screenshot on Android?

    You can take screenshots from the gestures. Swipe your three fingers from top to bottom, and your screenshot is ready. 

  3. How to clear app cache on Android Smartphones?

    If you want to clear the app cache on an Android smartphone, then you need to open your phone setting>>then apps>> then select the app>> and click on the clear cache. Clearing the cache helps free up storage and makes the apps work better.

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