How To Clear Cache & Cookies In Computer

As in our previous article, we shared how to clear cache & cookies on android phones; now, I will talk about how to clear cache & cookies on a computer. 

Before telling you the process of clearing cache & cookies from the computer, it’s significant sometimes for your system speed. However, cookies and cache will take a lot of space on your computer. 

So let’s learn how to Clear Cache & Cookies From PC, Computer & Laptop. 

Clear Cache & Cookies In Chrome On Computer

At this time, many people are searching for this answer, and today, I will be going to share with you how to clear cache in chrome on a computer. All the steps are mentioned below. 

  1. Open your Google Chrome app On your Computer. 
  2. In the Top-Right Corner, click on three dots
  3. Click On “More Tools
  4. And select Clear Browsing Data
  5. Now a new screen will come in front of you. Just choose the time. If you wanted to remove all the data, select All time.
  6. Now check the boxes of Cookies and Cache Images and files
  7. Now click on clear data.

As above, I shared the easiest way to clear cache & cookies

So, after this, you can easily remove the cache and cookies from your computer, and if you remove cookies and cache from the computer, it will increase your system speed. Still, it will clear your browsing data cache, which helps you load the website fast. 

If you clear the cache, then if you open any website the first time, it will take a particular time, and then it will open. So now most of the people are still aware of how cache & cookies work, so I just shared a few things about the same if you wanted a full detailed article; if you need anything else, please let us know and comment below. And I will do the same for you. 

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