Top 7 Common Problems with SmartPhones

Major 7 Issues in Every Smartphone

Everyone is using smartphones, and we all know that nothing is perfect. So today we are going to talk about the common problems with phones. Which you can also relate to? So, now let’s talk about the major common problems with phones.

Problems with Phones

Problems with phones are not started today it’s started when we do have phones because they can’t fulfill our requirements because our expectations are always increasing day by day that why sometimes we found some problems with phones.

7 Common Problems with Phones


Therefore, let’s talk about the common problems with phones in this era. We all know that we are having many features in the new smartphones, but they all having some sort of problems. We are going to discuss these problems are the common problems found in phones.

  1. Storage Space Running Out
  2. Over Heating
  3. App Crashing 
  4. Unresponsive Phone
  5. Battery drain
  6. Connection problems
  7. Blurry Camera

So, these are the common problems now let’s talk about the solution for the same.

Storage Space is running out

It’s one of the major problems found by almost every user. But everyone is not aware of how to solve this problem. But no need to worry, I have a solution for the same. And that will go to help you a lot.

So first you need to find out why you are getting your storage space running out, and then you just clear those files, and you can remove the files from the phone, or if you don’t want to delete the images, video, or data then you can use Google Drive for the same, and you can use up to 15 GB data on that, however you can use many platforms for the same. And you will never get the same.

Over Heating

So, this is one of the second most annoying problems, so how to resolve this problem as well? So, sometimes you installed some application that always running in your background and using your phone resources, so you need to remove those apps.

Sometimes it creates an issue because of using other chargers or low-watt charging. Therefore, use only the original charger.

App Crashing

App Crashing is one of the issues in almost every phone if you are using a mid-range smartphone. But how to solve the problem is the main concern. You just need to on that app and find out what is the major issue. Sometimes the apps crashed because of the old version. So first you need to update the app.

Now you just have to work on the second, you have to free your ram as much as you can. So, after using these 2 things, your app crashing will decrease automatically.  

Unresponsive Phone

Sometimes your phone didn’t work, or it’s just freezing automatically, so you need to work on that and resolve this issue as soon as you can. First, of all, you have to set a maximum of 2 Background processes. And then you just have to remove the unwanted app from your phone. Because it decreases your phone performance, and sometimes you will get some malicious in your phone and that freezes your phone. So don’t download any app from unknown sources.

Battery Drain

This problem comes in most phones and the issue with battery drain, and the battery drain problem is one of the oldest problems, for fixing this you just need to work on your phone developer section and then click the animation and set it to off. Now just go to the background process inside the developer section and set background process 2.

Now you will get only 2 apps running behind, and then it will not lose your battery at any cost.                                                 

Connection Problems

Now, this problem is one of the major problems in the smartphone, so a connection problem comes when you don’t use your changing port or earphone. So pluck it smoothly.

However, if you will find some network connectivity issue, then you just need to set your phone on the automatic network. And then you are ready to go.

Blurry Camera

Sometimes you see your photos start showing blurry, so you might have dust on your phone just go to some, mobile shop and clean that, and you are ready to go, but sometimes everything is clear, but you still see some blur images so might be that is the issue of camera software or some kind of bug for that you need to wait, for some time, or you can back roll the updates or upgrade the same software.

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