How to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Issue | Proven Methods To Fix Battery

Fix the iPhone battery draining fast issue

Many users are using iPhones, and they wanted, but they are pissed about the iPhone battery draining fast, and you have no idea how to fix the iPhone battery draining issue then no need to worry because here in this article we will share how to fix iPhone battery drain issue.

So, today I am sharing how I fix my iPhone battery draining issue fast.

Bad Cellular connectivity or coverage may be the major cause of this issue.

Fix iPhone Battery Draining Issue

Fix iPhone Battery Draining Issue

Turn off Location

Always try to turn off the location because it consumes plenty of battery; however, most people never ever turn off the location, so that’s why they are getting fast-draining problems with their devices.

Whenever you are going out at that time, you can enable the location and when you reach your destination, then turn off the location, so it will save your battery life a lot.

Never use your Phone While Charging

Plenty of people love to use mobile all the time and while the phone is charging they are using on that time as well, but never ever use the phone whiles it’s charging. The main reason behind that is it will impact your phone’s battery health.

However, most people never understand this thing, and they use the same for a long time, and then their iPhone’s batteries are always down.

Power Bank in Killing Your Phone

Most people use a power bank, but they are not aware of a power bank, if you are charging your phone from a power bank then your phone is getting DC power however your phone requires AC power. And this is also the reason for less battery life or fast battery-draining issue in iPhones.

A power bank directly decreases your battery health very harshly. So don’t use the power bank too much, but if you are required in an emergency, you can use the power bank, but not all the time.

Unwanted background apps

Currently, there are many applications available on the iPhone which are always running in the background. Like as Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and many more apps are always running in your phone’s background. Always try to use fewer apps on your phone.

Turn Off the Background App Refresh

If you are not closing your phone’s apps properly, then you will get your phone battery drain issue, but if you are lazy and forget to close the app properly then just turn off the background app refresh.

Some people must be thinking about where we have this option.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

So, here you will get the option.

  • Go to settings
  • Then select General
  • Now Background Refresh select toggle and turn off “Background App Refresh”

After this, your background app will not refresh until you will open that app.

Turn off Vibration

Phone vibration is also decreasing your phone battery, so always try to close the vibration in your phone, it will affect almost 15% of your phone battery. However, plenty of people ignore this thing, but actually, this is true. Turning off the vibration in your smartphone helps to increase your phone life.

iphone vibration turn off

Turn off Auto Brightness

If your phone’s battery is still not long-lasting, its auto-brightness may be another reason for the same. So don’t set the brightness on Auto-set this on manual or set it around 50% to 60%. Because this is ideal if you are indoors or outdoors.

Turn on Auto Lock

Always turn on auto lock in your phone, it will help a lot and save a lot of your phone battery without having any issues. However, most of the people didn’t set it, and we recommend setting it for 1 or 2 minutes as per your requirements.

Turn on Auto Lock

Hope this article “How to fix iPhone draining issue” was helpful for you, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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