How to Fix Screen turns off when watching video android

At This era, many people are using Android phones rather than any other brand. People are facing some issues, so today, I will talk about one problem screen turns off when watching video on Android. So today, we are going to address this issue. And we all know that every issue has a solution, but the answer should be correct. Then it works properly.

However, Android is straightforward to use, and anyone can use it quickly. But just let me tell you, Android is an Open-Source Software. And currently, plenty of companies are using them with their customization.

Fix Screen turns off when watching video on android.

So now, as I told you, Android is open-source. You can understand that you will face issues with that, but no need to worry. We will help you. And we will share some basic steps, which will help you and your smartphone screen not turn off.

4 Step to Fix Screen Turn off Issue While watching Video on Android

So, here we are going to tell you the major step that will resolve this issue.

Turn off The Smart Screen

So, the first thing is now a day smartphones are smart, and we have to understand that the Smartphone is coming with many sensors that capture our emotions and activities. Some smartphone brands provide Smart Screen Feature, which is beneficial; however, this feature is not working in some smartphones. So turn off the intelligent Screen, and your work will be done. Therefore, you must be thinking, “How to Find the Smart Screen in Phone” just read the below step.

Step 1 – Open Phone Setting

Step 2 – Search for Smart Screen

Step 3 – Turn off the Smart Screen Button

Screen Timeout Settings & Auto-Adjusts Screen Display

So now we are going to discuss the second method, so just let me tell you about this one, so sometimes you keep your phone screen time out just 15 Seconds, so it will automatically turn off the screen. But if you increase the timing by 5 minutes, you will not face this issue on your phone. Just let me tell you one more thing to find Screen Timeout Setting & Auto-Adjust Screen. Follow all steps below.

Step 1 – Go to Phone Setting

Step 2 – Search “Screen Timeout”

Step 3 – Increase the Time from 15 Seconds to 15 Minutes

Step 4 – Turn off Auto-Brightness

Reinstall the Video Player

Sometimes, your phone video play is not working correctly, so you need to remove the video player app and reinstall the app. And your Smartphone starts functioning correctly.

Restart Your Smartphone

So do one more thing, restart your phone, and it will work properly. But when you are rebooting your Smartphone, remove all the recent apps from the background and do that.

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How do I keep my screen on while watching videos?

So, there are 4 ways by which you can keep your screen on all the time, Just Go to the phone setting and just search for screen timeout, and select Never.

Why does my screen go black while watching videos?

Sometimes it happens because of an internal issue, but you can fix this by just adjusting some settings. Like as Screen Time Out, turn off the smart screen, etc…

So If we solve your Problem, the Screen turns off when watching a video on android, then don’t forget to share with your android user friends and keep tuned.

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