Google Chrome 94 Game Testing For Upgrading Browser Gaming Features

Google Chrome is one of the most popular or one of the best browsers all over the world. And we all know this the Google Products, so they focused on this and provided the best things you need. Google Chrome 94 is looking to upgrade its beta 94 for better browser gaming features for all users to enjoy an easier and faster experience.  

Potentially, this could help a user use cloud and browser-based gaming like Facebook gaming & Google stadia, and many more. It will enable a better experience and avoid lags.

Chrome 94 Beta: Cloud & Browser Gaming Empowered

Google now revealed its chromium web browser, and its code name is Chrome 94. And they are currently focusing on delivering the best and fantastic experience for all the users. Now, the main or significant focus is gaming and providing a fast experience without lagging.

Chrome 94 Major Features

  • Web codec
  • WebGPU
  • Scheduling APIs
  • Smooth Experience
  • No Lags
  • Faster

Chrome 94 is far faster than any other browser: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Opera, or any different web browser. As per the news, they are now more focused on games for users and wanted to empower them with a fast and lag-free experience in a web browser.

So now you can under this will not going very small thing it will be going so far and now you will not only going to get a minimal small-scale game. You will be getting the best user experience and fast experience. Now, this browser can potentially run pc based games without lag directly.

When is Chrome 94 Beta Releasing Date?

The chrome 94 is already released, but it’s under development and testing phase, or you can see it’s on developer mode for some tweaks before releasing the final version. Currently, they didn’t disclose the confirmed date or Estimate Time of Arrival.

But once it is released, you will get the fantastic stuff, and you will love this browser as this can fulfill your dreams of playing a high-end game in the cloud.

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