How to empty trash on android Phone | How To Find Trash Bin In Android

Most of the people wanted to know about how to quickly empty trash on Android Phone instantly. So first, let me tell you, if you delete the trash from android, you will not be able to get your files back. If you agree with that, then we will proceed further. Most people are still not aware of the trash bin on Android Phones. So, here we will tell you almost everything that will be going to help you to understand the same.

Now here I will share 2 Methods that will help you a lot if you wanted to remove your photos, Video or any Other files from trash bin in android. Plenty of people confused about trash bin on android. And here in this guide I will tell you how to find out trash bin & the best way to empty trash bin in Android Phone. So, all steps are mentions below, please read all steps carefully.

How to empty trash on an android phone


First Open your Google Photos on your phone, then you will see there is an option at the bottom, Photos, Search & Library. Just click on Library, and then you will see the options of Bin on the top. Just click on that And Select the Files Which you wanted to remove; at the end, you will see the options Delete or Restore. If you hit on Delete, it will remove, and if you hit on Restore, it will restore in your phone. 

Steps To Empty Trash On Android Phone

  • Open Google Photos on Your Phone
  • Then At the bottom, You will see options. Just select Library
  • Once You hit on Library, then just at the top, you see the “Bin” Option. Just click on that. 
  • After that, you will be in Trash Bin, and now you can remove the image or restore the photos. 

How To Find Trash Bin In Android 2022

So now this is the second method, so open your “Google Chrome” and then go to and open the Website. And On the left Bar Under the Library section, you will see the Trash Option. Just click on that, and you will see all the trash files, you select all of them and then click on Delete photos. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Find Trash Bin in Android Phone

  • Open Google Chrome On your phone In Desktop Mode.
  • Just open
  • Once the Website opens, log in. 
  • After login, See on the left side you saw the Trash Option. Just click on that. 
  • Now you can remove the photos from there. 


Q – Is there a trash bin on Android?

A – You can easily find it in Google Photos Section. 

Q – How do I access the trash bin on my Android?

A – All the major steps I shared above, and I also shared the two best ways which are the easiest way. 

Q – Do you have to empty the trash on an Android phone?

A – Go-To Google Photos and click on Library, and then at the top, You Will See the option of Bin. Just open and remove. 

Q – How do I empty the trash on my Samsung?

A – So for Samsung phones, you just need to open Google photos, and from there, you need to go to the Library, and then see the option on top click on that and remove the images. 

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As above, I shared all the tips and tricks for empty trash on Android Phones and this will be going to help you a lot. As we all know, everyone is not aware of the Android Trash bin. So, here we tried to explain everything in simple steps that will really will help you.

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