How To Read Popular Magazines For Free | PlayBoy, U.S.News, Penthouse

Most people wanted to read popular magazines for free like a playboy, penthouse, U.S.News, Men’s Health, Kiplinger’s, and many others. So this trick is one of the easiest tricks, or you can say method by which you can read magazines for free. And if you do this, you don’t need to pay anything, no subscription charges and any hidden charges.

IN this, you will also get +18 magazines like playboy & penthouse. And you can easily download that without any issue. 

How to Read Online Magazines For Free

  • First, you need to download the Safari browser if you are using windows, but if you are using iMac or ios, you will get Safari browser on your pc. 
  • One Safari install, go to Edit > Preferences >Advance and check the option ” Show Develop Menu In Menu bar.”
  • Open the “develop” option in the browser menu bar and choose mobile safari 1.1.3-iPhone as the user Agent.
  • Now open in the safari browser and start reading your free magazine. 

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