how to show battery percentage iPhone 12 & 12 Mini

So today I am going to share with you two methods by that you can easily, put battery percentage in your iPhone 12 Or iPhone 12 Mini. As we all know the iPhone is one of the most expensive smartphone companies at this time and because, of its product quality and RND (Research & Development). However, some people say iPhone is much secure than Android or any other Operating system. So I am not going to waste more time, so let’s talk about how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 & 12 Mini and we also talk about how to add a battery percentage widget in iPhone 12 Or iPhone 12 mini.

So all the details of these models of iPhone are mentioned below so check all the things at the bottom.

how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 & 12 Mini

So at below, you will get all the options for the same.

  1. So first you need to unlock your phone.
  2. On top right corner of your iPhone 12 Screen you need to open iOS control Center.
  3. Top right corner f the display, next to the battery icon is the battery %. This is how much battery percentage you have in your iPhone 12.
  4. Close the center again.

How to set battery widget to iPhone 12 & 12 Mini

All the updates of the iPhone 12 Battery percentage widget are mentioned below.

  1. Tap and hold the screen until the icon start moving.
  2. Tap + icon.
  3. In the widget , tap batteries.
  4. Now choose the style of widget style you want to use, and swipe back & forth to see the options. Battery widget will show in your display.
  5. Tap to add widget for any one you want to choose.
  6. And now just click on done and you will get your things with you.
ShowBatteryPercentageontheiPhone12 widget

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