Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts Keys List With Details

Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts are just life-saving for those who are searching for the items in the Outlook menu. But here I will make their life very short by sharing the most fantastic keywords. However, this will also increase your productivity.

In our previous article, we shared about the Windows keyboard shortcut that will be going to help you a lot.


Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts
CTRL+1Switch To mail
CTRL + 2Switch To Calendar
CTRL + 3Switch To Contacts
CTRL + 4Switch To Tasks
CTRL + 5Switch To Notes
CTRL + 6Switch To Folders List In the Folder Panel
CTRL + 7Switch To Shortcuts
CTRL + FForward a message
CTRL + KCheck names
CTRL + OOpen A Received Message
CTRL + QMark A Message As Read
CTRL + RReply to a message
CTRL + SHIFT + NCreate A New Note
CTRL + SHIFT + PCreate A Search Folder
CTRL + SHIFT + QCreate A Metting Request
CTRL + SHIFT +  RReply All To a Message
CTRL + SHIFT + SPost To This Folder
CTRL + SHIFT + UCreate A Task Request
CTRL + SHIFT + VMover An Item
CTRL + SHIFT + WOpen The MailTip
CTRL + SHIFT + GFlag A Message For Follow-Up
CTRL + SHIFT + XCreate A New Fax
CTRL + SHIFT + YCopy An Item
CTRL + SHIFT + ACreate A New Appointment
CTRL + SHIFT + BCreate  A Task Request
CTRL + SHIFT + CCreate A New Contact
CTRL + SHIFT + DDial A Contact Phone Number
CTRL + SHIFT + EUse Advance Find
CTRL + SHIFT + HCreate A New Document
CTRL + SHIFT + ISwitch To Inbox
CTRL + SHIFT + JCreate A new Journal Entry
CTRL + SHIFT + KCreate A new note
CTRL + SHIFT + LCreate A New Contact Group
CTRL + SHIFT + MCreate A New Email Message
CTRL + ALT + FForward As Attachment
CTRL + ALT + J Mark A Message AS Not Junk
CTRL + ALT + KExpand Search To Include Items From The Current Folder
CTRL + ALT + ZExpand Search To Include Subfolder
CTRL + PeriodSwitch To the Next Message
CTRL+ CommaSwitch To the Previous Message
CTRL + EnterSend A Message
ALT + HMove A File Tab Ribbon
ALT + QGo to “Tell Me What You Want to Do”
ALT + SSend or Post Or Reply All


Above, I shared with you the best and top outlook keyboard shortcut that can increase your productivity. Here, you can check out up to 42+ keyboard shortcuts that will go to help you a lot.

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