How to Open Power Options in Windows 10? Problem Solved

So today, I am going to talk about how to enable the power option in windows 10, and we will be going to tell you the best and easy ways to solve the problem of Power Options in Windows 10. So now let’s straight away to the main points.

Where is the Power Options Menu in Windows 10?

So if you wanted to know where is the location of the Power option in windows 10 then, press windows and search “Power” After that, you will see an option “Power & Sleep Settings” click on that and open know you can access all the stuff related to power option.

Now let’s talk about the second option; press Windows + X, and you will see a few options. Just click on “Power Options,” and you will reach on that.


How Do I Enable Power Options?

So all the steps are mention below, and these steps will help you resolve your problem.

  1. Click On Start Button
  2. Click On Control Panel
  3. Click Power Options
  4. Change Battery Setting as per your desire.

How Do I Set Power Option in Windows 10?

For this, you need to follow few steps, and all steps are mention below.

  1. Press Windows Button
  2. Search for Settings
  3. Now search for Power and sleep setting
  4. So now you are in the power option Set according to your choices.

What is the Shortcut Key to Open Power Options in Windows 10?

So as above, I already shared a few things with you, and now I am just going to tell you the secret keys for the same, which will also help you. So all the steps are mention below.

  1. Just Press Windows Button + X
  2. Now all the major setting is open in front of you
  3. Click on power options, and you are ready to go.

How to Set Computer Not To Sleep in Windows 10?

So this question is also asked me a lot of time, and here I will share the best and simple answer with you, which will help you. Follow all steps below.

  1. Click on Start Button and search power options.
  2. Now you will see Power & Sleep Option.
  3. Just go to the sleep section.
  4. And select the time from 15minutes to Never. Or, if you wanted to change the time duration, you can adjust according to your connivance.

Why Do We Get Power Option Issue in Windows 10?

So it occurs only at that time when you mistakenly remove some file, or your computer is infected with the virus, and they remove the file. In some cases, you also see the issue after windows updates, but if it’s happened due to an update of windows, it will fix by just updating after a few days.

How to fix Power Option Issue | Power Option Not Available How to Fix?

Currently, many people are facing this problem, and here I am going to provide the best solution for this; if you are not getting the Power option in You Windows 10, then no need to worry. Just follow all the steps. Then you need to updates your windows first. However, if you are still not getting those options, open settings after that Update & Security after that Windows update. Then, troubleshooter and locate the windows update and run it.

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