Popular Shortcut Keys to Use In Computer

So today I am going to discuss the Most Useful Shortcut Keys to Use on a Computer that will help you a lot. So, All of these have been used by us and all are working properly. We all wanted to do our work fast, so here we are sharing shortcut keys on the computer, and most of them are used on Microsoft Word.


Most Useful Shortcut Keys to Use In Computer
Most Useful Shortcut Keys to Use In Computer

So, Here you will get all the best and most used computer shortcut keys that will blow your mind.

Shortcut KeyWork to be doneWhat will happen after using the shortcut?
CTRL + ASelect AllThis will help you to select all the content.
CTRL + BBoldBy this, you can easily bold the content.
CTRL + CCopyUsing this you can easily copy the content.
CTRL + DDuplicateThis option will help you to create Duplicate content.
CTRL + EAlign To CentreUsing this you can Align things to the center.
CTRL + FFind The TextIt will help you to find the content on your computer.
CTRL + GGroup & Go ToBy this, you can go to any page instantly.
CTRL + HReplaceIt will replace the content that you required.
CTRL + IItalicThis will help you to create an Italic in the alphabet.
CTRL + JJustifyBy this, you can manage paragraphs easily.
CTRL + KHyperlinkUsing this you can post a Hyperlink in the post.
CTRL + LAlign To leftUsing this you can post a Hyperlink in the post.
CTRL + MParagraph IndentThis will allow you to manage paragraphs.
CTRL + NOpen New PageBy this, you can easily open a new page.
CTRL + OOpen FilesThis option will help you to open files from your computer.
CTRL + PPrint DocumentsUsing this option you can easily Print Documents.
CTRL + QClear IndentThis will clear the indent.
CTRL + RAlight RightIt will Alight the content to the right.
CTRL + SSaveBy using this option you can save the documents.
CTRL + UUnderlineThis will be going to put an underline on the content.
CTRL + VPasteIt will be going to paste the content anywhere on the computer.
CTRL + WClose DocumentThis will close the document.
CTRL + XCutIt will cut the content.
CTRL + YRedoUsing this you can Redo the content.
CTRL + zUndoThis will help you to undo the content.

So If these were helpful for you, don’t forget to share them with your friends and keep tuned with us for more updates.

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