6 Methods To Fix – Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now | Solution

So Spotify is one of the leading music streaming apps, and almost everyone loves this app. But sometimes you must be getting some errors in this “Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now,” so how to fix this. Here I will tell you the best solution that will work for me, and I hope this will work for you as well and you can do this without fail.

So let’s talk about how to fix Spotify can’t play this song right now.

  • Sometimes you are trying the unavailable song, which is not available in your region.
  • So if you are using free, then you can only play songs 5times in the free version. After that, it will create an issue.
  • Sometimes it can issue because of local cache files.
  • Unwanted background apps can also do this issue.
  • The web player is also a reason for the same.

How To Solve the problem of Spotify can’t play this Right Now.


As above, I already shared a few things that might tell you a few things about the issue, but now, we are not going to focus on the problem; instead, we focus on the Solution.

Restart Your DeviceThe first and basic this is to restart your device, either your computer, laptop, or mobile phone because it’s the basis of any issue in your smartphone or any device.

Logout From App

If your issue is still available, then log out from the app and check whether it’s working or not. If it’s working fine after logout, then use a different account for the same.

Hardware Acceleration Setting In Spotify

If you are still here, the problem is quite severe, and you need a solution. So do a few more things that will help you out, disabling hardware acceleration in your app (Spotify).

  1. Open Spotify and then select “preferences options” from the drop-down menu, and that’s coming out from edit in the main menu bar.
  2. Now do to the below and select the “Show Advanced Settings” button.
  3. Now below, just off the “Enable Hardware Acceleration” option.

Just restart the app, and your app will work smoothly and perfectly.

Off High-Quality Streaming

Sometimes this can also be an issue due to low connectivity. You will face this issue, but if you are doing the right things and turning off high quality, it will be fixed. Or, if you want, you can set it to automatic so it will automatically go to high whenever your internet is good, and it will low whenever your internet is slow.

Song Availability

So this is also a concern about this app because some song is blocked in some regions. So you need to change the country, and then you can easily listen to the music without any issue.

Reinstall The App

So this is also a very important thing that we should understand, the sometimes we need to uninstall the app and then again reinstall the app to work properly.

So if this was helpful then let me know in the comment section and share it with your friends.

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