What Is Html? Basics Of HTML | HTML Stands For | Pros & Cons

So today I am going to talk about HTML and why do we use HTML & where to use HTML. And many more other questions about HTML

– What is HTML? – Basics Of HTML – HTML Stand For Or HTML Full Form – HTML Pros – HTML Cons

So most people are searching for what is HTML? So here I am going to tell you each and everything about the same and tell you the exact thing about HTML.

If you want to use headings in HTML then you need to write the below code.

<h1>heading 1</h1>

How to Create Paragraph in HTML

<p> Paragraph 1 </p> <p> Paragraph 2 </p>

How to do line breaks in HTML


How to create a link in HTML?

<a href=”https://protoolsworld.com/”> link in html </a>

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