Top Windows 11 Shortcuts Keys To Be Used

Windows 11 Shortcut

We wanted to use Windows shortcuts to increase workflow, so here we are sharing some fantastic Windows keyboard shortcuts that will increase your work productivity. However, most of the keyboards remain the same as Windows 10 & Windows 11.

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcut Keys List

Windows 11 Shortcuts Keys
Win + AOpen The Quick Setting Panel
Win + COpen Chat With Microsoft Team
Win + DDisplay And Hide The Desktop
Win + EOpen file explorer
Win + FOpen the Feedback hub and take a screenshot.
Win + GOpen the Xbox game bar
Win + HLunch voice typing
Win + IOpen the setting app
Win + LLock your PC
Win + MMinimize all your windows
Win + NOpen the notification center and calendar.
Win + OLock Device Orientation
Win + CTRL + DAdd a Virtual Desktop
Win + CTRL + OOpen on-screen keyboard
Win + CTRL + F4Close the virtual desktop you are using
Win + Shift + MMaximize all minimized windows on the desktop
Win + Shift + STake a screen clipping
CTRL + ALT + DSwitch to dock mode in the magnifier
CTRL + ALT + FSwitch to full-screen mode in the magnifier
CTRL + ALT + LSwitch to lens mode in the magnifier
CTRL + ALT + IInvert colors in a magnifier
Win+. (Period)Open the emoji panel
Win+ ;Open the emoji panel
Win+,Peek at the desktop
Win+ /Begin IME reconversion
Win+ HomeMinimize all windows except the active window
Win + CTRL + FSearch for PCS
Win + TABOpen Task View
Win + ESCClose magnifier
Win + PrtScnSave Screenshot
CTRL + TabMove forward through the tabs
CTRL + Tab + ShiftMove Back Through Tabs
Shift + TabMove back through the options
ALT + DMove Back through the options
Win + PChoose a presentation display mode.
Win + QOpen quick assist
Win + ROpen the run dialog
Win + SOpen windows search
Win + TCycle through apps on the taskbar
Win + uOpen the Accessibility settings page
Win + VOpen the clipboard history
Win + WOpen the widgets panel
Win + XOpen the quick link menu
Win + YSwitch input between Windows mixed reality and your desktop
Win + ZOpen the snap layouts
F1Help Search menu
F2Rename the selected Item
F3Search for a file or folder in File Explorer
F4Display the address bar list in file explorer
F5Refresh the active window
F6Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
F10Open the menu bar in the current app
ALT + F10Open the context menu
F11Enter / Exit the full-screen mode
Alt + F8Show your password on the sign-in screen
CTRL + ASelect all contents
CTRL + CCopy the selected Items
CTRL + X Cut the selected items
CTRL + V Paste the copied or cut items
CTRL + ZUndo
CTRL + YRedo
CTRL + PPrint
CTRL + SSave the current file
CTRL + OOpen a file in the current app
CTRL + NThe open new program window
CTRL + EOpen the search box in the file explorer
CTRL + MStart the mark mode
CTRL + WClose active window
ALT + TabSwitch Between open apps
ALT + F4Close the active program
ALT + EnterDisplay properties for the selected item
ALT + Space barOpen the shortcut menu for the active window
CTRL + F4Close the active document
CTRL + ESCOpen start menu
ALT + DSelect the address bar
CTRL + Shift + EDisplay all folders above the selected folder
CTRL + Shift + NCreate a new folder
ALT + PDisplay the preview panel
CTRL + Shift + sSave As

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Therefore, as above, I shared a General & Most Popular Shortcut for Windows 10 & 11 that will greatly help you bring more comfort to your work and increase your work performance.

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